1 Waiting for the election

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  • by Emily Elisa Halpern
  • 02-11-2020
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    This painting looks like how I feel right now: trepidation waiting for the election tomorrow. This is “Nostromos”, oil paint on upholstery fabric. The scene takes place in a dark, windy and wild seascape. Toy-like boats, and ruined houses -perhaps off their foundations, bounce around on waves. Even pre-Covid, I had a penchant for depicting disasters of various sorts.

    The thing that makes this piece different is that there’s a secret in it. I painted it on expensive embroidered fabric. I had intended to incorporate the lovely embroidered birds on the fabric but the design was ultimately painted over. (I find it almost impossible to stick to a plan when I paint). The birds are perceptible on the front if you know what you’re looking for. On the backside of the piece however, the birds are unharmed. Perhaps not just one, but a flock of birds will come to inspire hope- much like the dove to Noah on the Arc- to rescue us from this current state of affairs. We shall see…


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