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  • by Emily Elisa Halpern
  • 26-11-2020
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Time on the island is quiet and peaceful.  Methodically working in the forest and garden is a satisfying change from the grind of LA- though when I’m away from my studio for long spells, I become slightly anxious about losing the painter’s touch. However, this time here is invaluable and I soak up every opportunity to fill my camera with images I can refer to later.

     In the meantime, I was delighted to have my work written about in the article below.

     And if you missed the virtual tour of the Brewery Artwalk, you can see me talk about my work in my studio here: 3pm Tour B. I start at 1:55:22 and end at 2:04:50

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  • Mike Moroz

    17-12-2020 21:20

    The virtual tour of Artwalk was so interesting! To hear about the history of the Brewery and seeing the scope and diversity of all of the artists was so great to learn about. You had such a great collection of paintings on display and it was evident that you spent a great deal of time getting your space ready! Well done!!!

    Congratulations on being featured in the article and on YouTube!

    Thanks Mikey!


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