0 Shipwrecks and Soul mates

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  • by Emily Elisa Halpern
  • 15-07-2020
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 I love this piece. It’s a rare peaceful and tranquil painting and I’m surprised that it hasn’t sold- yet, (though I may like to keep it for myself). Different themes surface for me. For a while it was planes, (after 9/11), then it was snakes (I have no idea why) and then as in this painting- floating eggs/rocks/boulders. I think of them as a surrogate for the self. And in this painting, they represent relationships- how our connections drift towards and away from people. I love the title. I don’t know where it came from but it arrived as I was working on it. Perhaps it’s because -lol- people fall in two categories for me: a complete disaster or a perfect fit. In any case… wouldn’t this look lovely above your couch? ;)



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