1 Christ's Entry into Brussels in 1889- James Ensor 1888

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  • by Emily Elisa Halpern
  • 30-06-2020
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I've always liked this quirky painting by James Ensor and the straight-forward way he paints. I've seen it several times at the Getty. I don't know if this image might good be a good one to ruminate on for the next BLM movement inspired painting I'm thinking about painting- one could go cross-eyed with so many faces. I have a few option for canvases: 76"x 76" square or a 4' x 10' long canvas that might also be good for showing the protest crowds... What do you think?

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  • Mike Moroz

    16-08-2020 01:24

    I have not seen a lot of protests in the news lately except for some local issues. So continuing your series of protest paintings could be good for BLM. Staying quiet isn't always a good thing.

    Hi there,
    The thing about the States, is that this is a hot topic and not likely to go away anyway soon. Decency still seems to be at its infancy here and to consider the pain of poor race relations will always be a current topic. Especially now with the Jacob Blake incident. :(


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