1 August

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  • by Emily Elisa Halpern
  • 10-08-2020
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It's August already. My cacti are bursting forth in massive flowers that show their loveliness during the evening for one night only. It is poetic and darling. Even the smallest of cacti have the most massive of blooms. I grew them all from cuttings I saved from a San Diego farm that was about to be bulldozed and others were from friends. I have such an affinity for them. Prickly and hard to handle yet so sweet. I can relate.  I may transplant a bunch of them from pots into a strip of land in My front yard. Here's a picture of one. The front camera in my phone broke so I had to do a selfie and nearly sat on a cactus in the process. The adventures continue.

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  • Mike Moroz

    16-08-2020 01:50

    You sure do have a green thumb! And I am happy that you don't have a red derriere from siting on a cactus!! Is there anything that you cannot do? :)



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