1 Attack on Capitol Hill

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  • by Emily Elisa Halpern
  • 18-01-2021
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   The first month I was here, I didn’t make any art. Instead, I delighted in being outside again and was a shutterbug- constantly clicking my phone during hikes, documenting the many marvels, large and small, of this gorgeous island.  When I don’t work in the studio, I get a slightly restless feeling after a while, and so dug up some of my old art supplies.  Being a product of a patriarchal society, I inherited a snobbish idea about watercolor being less serious somehow- perhaps I’d inherited a misogynistic idea about it being a “ladies” art? That was dumb- because it’s really fun and I love it!  Plus, I’ve been astounded by my grad school classmate, Griselda Rosas, who has been making some absolutely epic pieces using watercolor and embroidery and has received a ton of press for her pieces, even winning the San Diego Art Prize, and getting a show at the downtown modern art museum in San Diego. (I’m so proud of her).

        I’ve been playing with oil pastel, watercolor, a space heater and salt and trying to figure out what they can do. And of course, Trump will provide. I’ve been working on a series about the attack on Capitol Hill. Here’s one of my latest pieces. The orange Cheeto dicks are for both genders, since the women attackers acted like dicks too. Now let's see if I can get some eyeballs on it.


#attackoncapitolhill #capitolhill #dicksforTrumps #schmucksforTrump #violenceontheHill #capitolhillviolence #mobviolence

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  • Mike Moroz

    24-01-2021 05:42

    I love this series. You may be new to watercolors but you caught on very fast!! You seem to be a natural and your work is amazing! I love the variety of mixed media and different techniques in your pieces. You have an abundance of talent and it shows! I also love Griselda's works, she is very talented.


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