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  • by Emily Elisa Halpern
  • 08-06-2020
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I’ve stopped applying for shows during the time of Covid because… why? Currently the future of the brick and mortar gallery system is uncertain and in crisis. It will be interesting to see which will survive and which will go under after months of being shuttered.  Art fairs have been canceled and…maybe that’s okay- they were becoming exhausting and expensive- though I did enjoy dressing up and making a splash.  For the time being, no art is being hung, and even if it were…would you really want to go and walk though air wafting with potential Covid?  We shall see what happens with rates of infection after the huge protests.

That being said, I did apply to a show at the Orange Country Center for Contemporary Arts 40th Exhibition and was accepted with my piece “End Times” (online until July 26th). We had a zoom call reception with an “attendance” of sixty plus people on Saturday.  A panel of select artists talked about their work and people reminisced about the forty-year history of the gallery. (During these sorts of events, putting one’s speaker on mute and being a passive listener is to be recommended!)

My pieces tend to be large and rather underwhelming on a screen- the texture doesn’t really show and you can’t get up close to see the mark-making.  Plus, I photograph them myself and things tend to turn out trapezoidal and get cropped out. I know I’m supposed to have a pro do it but… saving money you know? I might apply for a couple other things, but in the meantime, it’s been really nice to have a time-out from the whole scene and to experiment a little.

Here’s a picture from the OCCA show- this is just one screen of people from several screens!


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